Custom application development on point.

At revale we deliver high end custom enterprise applications based on the latest web-technologies.

Custom applications

Whether you need a web-, mobile- or desktop application which seamlessly integrates with all kind of third-parties and ERP-systems, we can build it for you.

Freelance webdeveloper

You need a helping hand for a period of time , we are always open for new freelance opportunities. We are situated in Ghent, give us a call and we’ll talk about it with a coffee…

Web technologies

We are using the latest and greatest web stack to build our applications. Going from Angular, ReactJs, NextJs, IONIC, Electron and Capacitor. We can certainly find a fit for your needs.

Supported Web Stacks

We have in depth knowledge of the most used web-technologies:

One of the most used and popular frontend libraries on the market. This is our go to web stack for developing applications!


Framework widely used in enterprise environments. Less popular than React but certainly not less good.


React framework used for building applications that needs server side rendering. Our site is build with NextJs!


Our holy grail! Primary language used in all our supported web stacks.


UI Framework primarily used for building mobile hybrid applications. Helps you to use one code base for all your applications...


Open source native runtime for building Web Native apps. Used for creating cross-platform (IOS, Android) applications.


In combination with capacitor used for building native desktop applications.

And many more

We keep ourselves up to date with the latest updates so we can keep on building great and beautiful applications...

Who we work(ed) for

Get in touch

We'd love to talk about how we can help you.

Rein Van Leirsberghe


t: +32 478 77 05 43

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